a sense of place

Our Guiding Principles


Nestled along the serene shores of Pipes Cove in Peconic Bay, we take great pride in our commitment to environmental stewardship. We recognize that the natural elements that surround us—1,400 feet of pristine beach, an 18-acre salt marsh, a 15-acre underwater oyster farm, and the tranquil waters of Pipes Cove—are not just picturesque landscapes but vital components of our ecosystem.


The Salt Marsh, a crucial boundary between salty oceans and freshwater inlands, stands as one of the most biologically productive ecosystems globally. Serving as a transitional zone, it provides nursery grounds for essential shellfish and fish, while offering a sanctuary for diverse wildlife and birds. By harnessing the synergy of saltwater from the oceans and freshwater from the uplands, the Salt Marsh becomes a rich source of minerals and nutrients. Its significance extends to buffering the impact of storms, trapping excess water, and filtering out nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, safeguarding our harbor areas.


In our commitment to sustainability, we strive to maintain a small carbon footprint, exclusively use organic and fair-trade products, advocate for ethical design, and conscientiously manage water consumption. Proudly, we have eliminated all fossil fuels from our property, embracing an all-electric infrastructure independent of oil or natural gas. Going all-electric was a logical choice for us, aligning with our values of environmental stewardship. As a crucial in combating climate change, it drastically reduces our emissions while creating healthier indoor environments for our guests and emloyees. 


Beyond minimizing our environmental impact, we actively invest in preserving and enhancing the unique biodiversity of our surroundings. Our practices include sustainable gardening and landscape design, championing nature-based, toxic-free land care. Native plants thrive on our grounds, which are absent of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and create a unique ecosystem with a broad range of habitats for plants, insects, and animals to live in. We encourage our guests to learn and explore some of the plants and pollinators around the property with this guide

Our initial property rejuvenation in 2022-2023 underscored our dedication to preservation, with the retention of dozens of century-old trees, the introduction of 5,761 native trees, shrubs, and perennials, and the planting of over 7,260 native beach grass plugs along our waterfront.


In collaboration with Oysterponds Shellfish Company, stewards of the 15-acre oyster farm in the shallow waters of Pipes Cove, we actively contribute to the region’s ecological harmony. The nutrient-rich waters of the cove, surrounded by marshes and wetlands, not only sustain “the farm” but also act as natural filters for rain runoff. This wetland is an integral part of the Peconic Estuary System, recognized as one of the “Last great places in the Western Hemisphere” by the Nature Conservancy.

At Silver Sands, the commitment to environmental ethics isn’t just a statement—it’s a way of life, ensuring that our guests experience the beauty of nature while contributing to its preservation.


Embracing the principle of thinking globally and acting locally, our commitment to community and locality is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we’re sourcing assistance, contributing to the circular economy, or seeking ways to support our community, our journey always begins in our immediate surroundings. Only when local options are exhausted do we expand our search, reaching out in widening circles—from the North Fork community to Long Island, across New York State, throughout the entire U.S., and then abroad.


Our most immediate community is our neighborhood, and we are proud to call many of the people who live adjacent to Silver Sands our friends. Our success and happiness is tied to theirs, and we are grateful for their friendship and support: Pat, Cathy H., Cathy & Richie S., Walter, Ashley & Nick, Doug, Bob E., Luis, Patrick, Chris & Olivia, Bob M., Robert, and Maria to name just a few.


As proud members of the broader North Fork community, we are dedicated to being an integral and responsible part of the fabric that makes this region special. Our mission is to collaborate with and uplift local businesses, infusing environmentally conscious solutions into our daily decisions and actions. In our commitment to fostering community connections, we operate Silver Sands year-round and are delighted to extend a “local’s rate,” offering a 10% discount on our non-promotional hotel room rates throughout the year. Quite simply, we believe that the community should not only benefit from our presence, but also be able to enjoy this special property as much as we do.


Our pride extends to the rich network of local businesses that we call not just partners but friends. We would not be here without these valued connections:

ABT Fire; Ace Hardware Southold; Agway Southold; Amagansett Building Materials; American Neon; Beachwood Masonry Supply; C&M Contracting Corp; CAST; Chem-Dry; Chenal & Tzun Construction; Clarke’s Garden & Home; Cole Environmental; Condon Engineering; Cornell Cooperative Extension; Costello Marine; Daniel Wilcenski Electrical; Delfino Insulation; Dos Ositos Paletas; Firematic; GP Hommel; Greenport Brewery; Greenport Municipal Utilities; IGA; InkSpot Printing; Islandia Pools; JCG Gardens Masonry & Landscaping; Honeybody Bakery; JP McHale; JVY Landscaping LLC; KK’s the Farm; Kehl Design; Latham Farms; Latham Sand & Gravel; Layla Sailing; Long Island Cauliflower Association; Long Island Window Treatments; Luis Morales Landscaping; Luminism; Mattituck Environmental Services; Mattituck Laundry; McLaughlin Heating & Cooling; Michael A. Kimack, Esq.; Nadira Vlaun; NJ Mazzaferro PE; North Fork Adventure Charters; North Fork Custom Carpentry; North Fork Tree Inc.; Owen Brothers Landscape Development; Oysterponds Shellfish Company; Port Automotive; Port Lumber; Ratsey Construction; Riverhead Building Supply; S. Heaney Marine Construction; S&L Irrigation; S.T. Preston & Son Inc.; Sentry Automatic Fire Protection; Sound Side Landscape Construction; Southold Fish Market; Stanley F Skrezec; Suffolk Cement Precast; Taps Welding; The Clausen Agency; UPC Sand Blasting; Velazquez Landscaping & Masonry Inc; Wm J Mills & Co; White Flower Gardens; Wooden Boat Works; Young & Young Surveying.

These partnerships are more than collaborations—they’re a testament to our shared commitment to building a sustainable, interconnected community. Together, we strive to contribute to the vibrancy and resilience of the North Fork and beyond.


Dedicated to the ethos of sustainability, our commitment extends beyond environmental considerations to the social fabric that shapes our business. We believe in crafting a resilient company by fostering a wholesome work environment, cultivating responsible relationships with suppliers and vendors, and ensuring the effectiveness of our customer service. Our vision is to build a business that stands the test of time.

At the heart of our approach is the commitment to create an exemplary work setting that prioritizes equality, well-being, diversity, training, and mobility. We aspire to go beyond mere employment and to provide a platform for personal and professional growth. By embracing these principles, we aim to not only create a thriving workplace but to contribute positively to the broader social landscape.

Guided by a conscious way of living that respects nature and is enriched by hospitality and good manners, we strive to be a beacon of responsible business practices. Our belief is rooted in the promotion of a simple yet abundantly rich and rewarding way of life—one that is deeply connected to nature and community.

In championing these social values, we seek to inspire not only our team members but also our guests and partners. We believe that by embodying these principles, we contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable society. Our commitment to sustainability encompasses not only the ecological aspects of our operation but extends to every facet of our social responsibility, creating a holistic and enduring impact.