Our Ethics


We are lovers of nature and embrace the unique natural surroundings of the property and the North Fork at large. When we nurture the land (and water), they in turn nourish us. The property’s natural elements include 1,400 feet of pristine beach, an 18-acre salt marsh, a 15-acre underwater oyster farm, and the calm, clear waters of Pipes Cove.

Wherever possible, we strive to have a small carbon footprint, use only organic and fair-trade products, promote ethical design, and reduce water use. We have successfully eliminated all fossil fuels from the property; using a sustainable approach, we are an all-electric property without any connections to oil or natural gas. In addition to reducing our impact, we make active investments in promoting and protecting the unique biodiversity of our surroundings.


We think globally and act locally. Whether we are recruiting help, reintegrating materials in the circular economy, or reaching out for the best ways to help support our community, we will always start close to home. Only then, if we cannot find what we need locally, will we extend our reach in broadening circles—first to the rest of Long Island, then NY State, the entire US, and abroad. We strive to be an integral and responsible part of the North Fork community, to work with and support local businesses, and to implement environmentally conscious solutions into all of our everyday decisions and actions.


We are committed to sustainability. By creating a healthy work environment, building responsible supplier and vendor relationships, and guaranteeing the efficiency of our customer service, we are creating a business built to last. We aim to create an exemplary work setting based on equality, well-being, diversity, training, and mobility. We are guided by a conscious way of living that is respectful of nature and enhanced by hospitality and good manners. We believe in promoting a simple yet abundantly rich and rewarding way of life rooted in nature and community.