It all started with a road trip

Since 1957

Silver Sands has been a beachfront home in the North Fork for generations of visitors. To build that home, its founders, Florence and Thomas Jurzenia, first set off on a cross-country trip in search of ideas and inspiration for its construction. When they returned, they drew upon all that they had learned to create a unique destination that was both casually stylish and seriously fun. A place where carefully planned design set the stage for carefree leisure. They wanted the structures crafted by human hands to reflect the artless beauty of the natural environment. And they wanted their guests to be able to appreciate the splendor of the North Fork landscapes and seascapes from the comfort of rooms decorated with the work of local artists and styled with the distinctive décor of W. & J. Sloane Fifth Avenue.

Alex & Ryan

After 66 years, the property’s newest rejuvenation takes inspiration from its origin story.  It recognizes and celebrates that era’s characteristic design and the way it sought to meet the needs of its time. As stewards of the Silver Sands name and spirit, we seek to create a space that recalls the treasured ideals of the 1950s family and traveler while also (re)establishing it as the jewel of the North Fork community today.

“Make a better future with elements recreated from the past"

We are guided by some simple truths: The more things change, the more they stay the same. A home should respect and reflect its environment and its community.

Like Florence and Thomas, we also believe in living better by residing in considered spaces and enjoying great service, by connecting with nature, reading a good book, walking barefoot, eating and drinking well—all in the company of friends and family. We take pride in being great hosts. And we want our guests to enjoy their stay with us in an atmosphere of simple abundance and effortless pleasure.