It all started with a road trip

Since 1957

Silver Sands has been a beachfront home on the North Fork for generations of visitors. To build that home, its founders, Florence and Thomas Jurzenia, embarked on a cross-country trip in pursuit of inspiration. When they returned, they drew upon all they had learned to create a unique destination that was both casually stylish and seriously fun. A place where carefully planned design set the stage for carefree leisure. Their vision harmonized with nature, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the surrounding landscapes and seascapes while appreciating local artistic works. Adorned with W. & J. Sloane Fifth Avenue decor, each room exuded the essence of the cherished 1950s era.

Silver Sands Motel Rooms

“Make a better future with elements recreated from the past"

Alex & Ryan

Carrying forth a 66-year legacy, Silver Sands celebrates a vibrant rejuvenation led by Alexander Perros, in collaboration with Leroy Street Studio architects and landscape designer Edmund Hollander. Inspired by its origins, the transformation honors the property’s original design while revitalizing it for today’s travelers.

Alexander’s vision is dedicated to the preservation of Silver Sands’ cherished spirit, crafting a re-imagined gem for the North Fork. Chef Ryan Hardy oversees the food and beverage offerings, bringing incredible dining experiences to our guests. Join us in this journey; where past and present harmonize, creating a new chapter infused with friendship, heritage, and time well spent.

“When rejuvenating Silver Sands, we immersed ourselves in the world of 1950s-60s style. Comfort, leisure, color, fun, and recreation – these words danced together and shaped our imagination.

Our vision was clear – nothing contrived, nothing unapproachable. Rather than replicating design trends of the past, we found joy in interpreting the emotions of the 1950s through a contemporary lens, and set out to evoke the vibrant ethos of that time.”

– Alexander Perros, Creative Director, Developer and Proprietor